• About this item.
  • Type: Oolong Tea.
  • Net Weight: 125g Tin.
  • Origin: Wuyi,Fujian, China.
  • Packaging: Tin Form: Loose Leaf.
  • Food Specifications: No artificial Coloring, No artificial Flavoring, Organic.
  • Imported from USA.

Type: Oolong Tea
Origin: Wuyi,Fujian, China
Net Weight: 125g Tin
Packaging: Tin

Description: Shui Xian is an Oolong tea that has a flowery aroma
and is very flavorful. It originates from Wuyi mountain, FuJian
Province China. This mountain is one of the more famous mountain
for producing great quality Oolong tea. This tea is cultivated by
every single tea farmer in that mountain and is widely drank
among Chinese restaurants all over the world.

During the Qing dynasty (1644-1911) a new variety of Yan Cha was
discovered when oolong tea was made from the leaves of an old tea
bush discovered near the mouth of a cave dedicated to the
Immortals of Daoism. The tea was found to have a unique flavor
and healing properties (specifically in purging the body of heat
and poisons). The name "Shui Xian" is often translated as
"Narcissus" but, in fact, in the local dialect the word for
"praying" sounds like the word "shui" (pronounced "shwee"), which
means water. The real meaning of this famous tea's name, then, is
"Praying to the Immortals" - in honor the place where it was
discovered - a place of prayer to the Immortals.
The leaves are exceptionally long and fragrant and the taste is
unique. At first it seems rather light, but the flavor creeps up
on you - gradually fillig your whole mouth with rich, dark oolong
flavor, followed by a long, smooth finish touched with a gentle
hint of smokiness.


Wuyi Star Lao Cong Shui Xian Oolong Tea Wu Yi YAN CHA Shuixian 125g Tin Loose Leaf Cha